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tutorial 02 ; damon & katherine ; the vampire diaries

Normally, I dislike making tutorials because they take forever, but since someone asked and was super sweet about it I decided to suck it up and do it. Especially since I know how difficult it is to color TVD caps. So I thought I'd be nice and share my steps. ( :

This tutorial, in just ten steps, uses curves, textures, and fill layers. I'm using Photoshop 8.0.


1. Pick your base and crop it. I chose this one of Damon and Katherine Elena.

2. Okay, so normally I love to use curves to lighten up a base because they have a very, very nice effect, but for some reason (that I can't remember because I made this a few months ago) I duplicated my base and set it to screen. Leave it at 100%.  It's still really dark so duplicate it again and leave it at screen 100%.

4. So now it's nice and bright and you can see both of them clearly, but I'm a girl that loves contrast. If I could marry it- I would. ( :  So head on up to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves. Set it to Soft Light and hit OK. Hit OK again. Yep, absolutely no values are to be entered. Well, at least for this icon. Yours might need it, who knows?

5. Like I said, I love contrast. So I went up to Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color. I set it to Color Burn and left it at 100%. Fill it with #EBEBEB.

6. So Damon and Katherine Elena are lacking some color. Let's take this texture made by an awesome unknown individual and set it to Multiply. Leave it at 100%.

7. So now they're kind of dark and they're kind of hard to see. Take this texture and set it to Soft Light and leave it at 100%.

8. Now Katherine Elena is all bright, but poor Damon is still left in the dark. : ( So take the above texture's fraternal twin and set it to Soft Light and again, leave it at 100%.

9. So now let's give it a tiny bit of color. Go on up to Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color. Set it to Soft Light at 25%. Fill it with #F2C8AA. Again, every icon is different so adjust it to your liking.

10.For the final step we're just going to add a bit more color. Go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color. Set it to Soft Light at 30%. Fill it with #F2BB83. Every icon is different so adjust, adjust, adjust! ( :


other examples with variations;

AHAHA, you can't even really see the difference the last two steps make, but oh well. I still add it to just about every TVD icon I make nowadays. To some icons, it's completely unnecessary because it just ruins it, others it's in desperate need of it and then sometimes it just doesn't even matter. :D

I was planning on posting the .PSD, but I seem to be having technical difficulties and it won't download properly. :(  Sorry! But at least it's an easy tut, yes?

Comments are loved and adored!
( :

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