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f o r b l u e s k y s

graphics galore;; (:

forblueskys Graphics
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graphics; graphics; graphics

w e l c o m e
Hey all & welcome to forblueskys, my personal graphics community. Here is where all of my icons, banners, fanmixes, etc. will be posted. Everything is public so you do not have to friend the community, but if you do wish to do so- feel free. (:

r u l e s

1. Credit. Please, please, please, please, please credit. It's not hard. It takes a few seconds. I don't care if you credit the community or if you credit myself. Either one is perfectly fine. (:
2. You do not have to comment. It's not necessary, I won't smite you if you don't, but I'll love you forever if you do. I always like to hear what it is that people actually liked.
3. Please do not hotlink. Photobucket is 100 percent free.
4. None of my icons are bases. Ever.

f a n d o m s
most of my icons will be of:
Gossip Girl. Vampire Diaries. True Blood. Twilight. Harry Potter. Megan Fox. Kristen Stewart. Jared Padalecki.

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